Temporary Orders

At a temporary orders hearing, regardless of whether or not it is for a divorce suit or an original SAPCR suit, a party can ask the court to order temporary conservatorship, create a visitation schedule, order child support, among other things.

Temporary Orders are an important part of many divorce cases. This is because most divorces do not have a contested final hearing and many settle prior to the final hearing. Therefore, any arguments to be made are usually resolved at the temporary orders hearing.

At a temporary hearing for a divorce suit, a party can ask the court to order temporary spousal support, exclusive use of the marital residence, for the other party to restrain from doing certain things (like selling or damaging property), and other things.

If you have children then at the temporary orders hearing a party can ask the court to order temporary conservatorship, child support, and other things.

Spousal Maintenance in Tyler

In Texas, spousal maintenance (also known as alimony) is intended to provide spouses with continuing support for a limited time after the dissolution of marriage. To determine whether a spouse is eligible to receive spousal maintenance, the Court follows guidelines found in the Texas Family Code and other Texas Courts.

These guidelines are extremely specific and if a requesting spouse does not meet them then they are unable to get spousal support.

Furthermore, the Texas Family Code also has extremely specific guidelines on how much spousal maintenance can be awarded to the requesting spouse and for how long the requesting spouse can receive spousal maintenance.

Community Property

After a marriage is dissolved through a “court order,” and not through the death of a spouse, the court must identify, characterize, value, and either divide or confirm all property belonging to either spouse.

This process can be both easy and difficult. It is easy because there are clear cut rules on what is considered a spouse’s separate property, and what is considered the married couple’s community property. The process is difficult because even if the rules are clear – sometimes their application is difficult.

Furthermore, a court can decide not to split community property “50/50” based on several different assertions spouses can make in a divorce, which allows the court to award one spouse more than the other.

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