Protective Orders in Tyler, Texas

“Family violence” as defined under the Texas Family Code means violence by a member of the family or household against another member of the family or household, abuse by a member of the family or household against a child of the family or household, or dating violence against a member of a dating relationship or a third party.

Here, a member of the “household” includes anyone living in the same dwelling –regardless of their relationship to each other, and people who previously lived in the household.

Furthermore “violence” as against family or household members includes an act that is intended to result in physical harm or a threat that places a member in fear of immediate physical harm.

If you have experienced family violence then you may file for several types of protective orders under the Texas Family Code, including a temporary ex parte order. A temporary ex parte order can be granted by the court without giving notice to the person who committed the family violence and without a hearing.

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While it is not a requirement that the court do so, in many cases, if the court finds that family violence has occurred the court will order the party found to have committed family violence or against whom an agreed protective order has been rendered to pay reasonable attorney’s fees.

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